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Tricked Again [entries|friends|calendar]

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FUCK YOU ALL [19 Jun 2008|11:06am]
[ mood | infuriated ]


figured since no one else has done it yet today, i'd do it for myself... fuck you all

by imps

its my birthday and i'll be a bitch if i want to [16 Jun 2008|07:54am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

sooooo i'm trying really really hard not to get shitty about this but we had to spend my birthday present money on the puppy... if trevor had a job we'd have extra money but since he doesn't i'm the major breadwinner and now i'm the major bread winner who gets no party and no freakin presents for her birthday.  i just fuckin changed my day off so now i work on my birthday cuz i wont have shit else to look forward to.  so yeah i'm prolly being immature and yeah i'm definately being pretty shitty about this but this year all i fucking wanted was a small get together and a digital camera and now i get neither.  fucking great.

by imps

puppy [05 Jun 2008|02:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]

 its been almost 2 months since my precious baby met with her horrible end and trevor and i decided that we needed a new baby so we went to the pound yesterday and picked out precious Mia Wallace, a black and white pit bull mix... we're picking her up today! i'm so excited!!!! yay for the baby!!! doesn't make losing rogue any easier but at least i get to be a mommy again to a puppy which is something i love greatly... if trev gets me the digital camera i want for my b-day (fingers crossed!!!!) i'll def. post pics... she is ADORABLE!!!!

by imps

the end [25 Apr 2008|02:33pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

on monday night my darling baby dog was hit and killed right in front of me. i am heartbroken.

1 trick| by imps

really really long time [14 Apr 2008|01:23pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so its been a really long time since i've been here. haven't really needed to vent lately i guess, but that time is past and now i am back to vent.  so a lot has been going on... i bartended for a while (like over a year) and now i work for 1800 flowers which is pretty kick ass. trev and i moved to a new apartment, got a new car, had one of our beloved puppy's die and got some pretty kick ass new ink.  i was even starting to build a better relationship with my mom... until KABOOM it all went up in smoke.... so here's this.  my parents came to visit me for the first time since i got married and have lived in arizona and everything was going pretty ok except for a few little hangups.  then crazy ass bitch that my mother can be, she decides to tell trevor one night at dinner that she's having an affair and then proceeds to show him all these text messages from this guy.   turns out this fuck-head is a fucking BIG GAME HUNTER who came to wyoming to bag himself a trophy elk... it also turns out that my mother is an even bigger fucking hypocrite than i ever gave her credit for as she proceeds to start an affair with this dick weasel, who is a resident of las vegas... 5 months she's been seeing this fuck, emailing, texting and even fucking visiting him on my dad's dime.  it gets worse... it turns out that the entire trip, she's been getting lovey- dovey text messages from this guy and then smiling and puttering around w/ me and my dad acting like everything is just wonderful.  well long story short, she asked trevor not to tell me about it because i'm "sensitive"... fuck that! how could he not tell me something of that magnitude?!! i'll tell you what, if  he hadn't told me and then i found out later that he knew all along there would be some MAJOR marital problems... but trevor is a good man and a loving husband and so he told me when we were driving home from dinner, i naturally flipped the fuck out.  i mean now i have to tell my dad that this fucking devil woman he's been married to for 34 years is a lying cheating whore. well i tried to call and tell my dad but of course i had to call the cell phone that my mom keeps in her bra... why? cuz she's a lying cheating whore.  well she wouldn't let me talk to my dad, so i confronted her about it and said a lot of things that i meant.  i kinda screamed at her, it was actually really nice.  i vented all my feelings and told her that she needed to tell dad before i did.  well she got all nasty at me and told me that "i wasn't going to tell her how to live her life" and that "it wasn't my right to tell my dad".  i had said all i had to say to her and so i just stopped responding.  the next day she calls me at work to "explain" how it "wasn't as bad as i thought it was".  i hung up. twice. then she starts texting me saying that they're gonna swing by my work and see me and "please don't say anything".  i told her not to come and that i would tell my dad the very next chance i got.  i told her i didn't want to see her and that i wouldn't keep her dirty secret.  then she started with the guilt trips, varying between faux sadness "i'm sorry you feel that way" to anger "what about all i've done for you?!" but i'm done with it.  she can never ever make me feel bad about myself ever again.  i have cut her off and i have emailed my father the evidence of her infidelity... guess it wasn't so bright on her part to send me the "break-up email" she sent to her boyfriend... now she's trying to get me to talk to her again but i am done. once and for all done... so tell me friends, what would you have done in this situation? 

by imps

pouty kate [26 Apr 2006|02:34pm]
ok so on monday i had a wierd day... it started out pretty good, stoned and going to my last week of work, joel got off task (or however thats spelled... is it different? oh well)so we smoked with him and ate scouts and i was all revved up to get a tattoo. i went in to ink bomb and jeff drew the design up and i ok'd it and then he said he can't do it for another week... another WEEK?! gah kate need ink so bad. i seriously almost cried when he told me that... i just went outside and hid behind this wall and smoked the cigg that i was saving for after my tattoo (sniffle). so i was all pouty till we went back to joel's house and joel made me do shots with him ugh ok, it was only one shot but i took two and it was a struggle... i just don't like alcohol. and we smoked too so i was pretty faded and we got taco bell and we went home and i totally thought i was gonna get some and then (it was like midnight, mind you) trev tells me that he has to be into work by 7 instead of 8... i was SO pissed at him i wasn't even in the mood anymore... *pouts*... so what else fella's? hmmmmmmm haha my boss just said something to me and like i didn't even understand ANY of it.... bad kate
by imps

last week [24 Apr 2006|10:01am]
this is the beginning of the end, the last week at auto spa. i'm excited to embark on my new life after this. i think i'm gonna get a tattoo from jeff tonite. something small to tide me over till he finishes my rogue piece which is, apparantly going to rank on the FUCKING AWESOME side of things instead of just really really really cool which i am down with especially since he said i could get something small to tide me over... but what oh what do i want? hmmmmmm damn and i want it today so i really have to decide, i'm making it my celebrating my new life piece... i was kinda thinking a bomb on one arm and a skull and crossbones on the other with banners under them saying "bombs away" cuz i'm getting going on a new life... ok ok actually it was trevor's idea but i still really liked it. k, so what else? hmmm i made fried chicken and mashed potatoes last night and it actually came out really good. i'll write more if i think of anything.
by imps

so i says to mabel, i says... [18 Apr 2006|07:54am]
ok so i've had a bit of a time lately so i'm gonna try and mash in as much stuff as i possibly can. ok so this weekend trev and i finally got around to getting the taxes done and subsequently finding out that we owe the federal government close to $700 just because of my present job so trev and i decided that i should put my 2 weeks notice in... so i did. steve isn't too happy and i'm just hoping that he's not TOO big of an asshole for these next 2 weeks cuz that would suck. but he prolly will be. i'm excited tho cuz trev said i could take a month off and i'm like YAY!!! cuz i supported him for a long time when he didn't have a job and he's just like kate, take some time off and focus on becoming the best tattoo artist that you possibly can. so i'm totally jazzed to take a break from working and supporting us. i'm gonna clean the house and hang out at ink bomb a ton and really finish my apprenticeship off nicely. i started color last night at my apprenticeship and i'm excited about that. i'm hoping i can get fairly good at it i have to start doing perspective too so i really need time to draw and perfect my art so yeah, i'm psyched to have some kate time haha even tho i'm gonna have to clean A LOT, i'm ready. on easter we went to trev's aunts house and it was a pretty good time. i was dipping my feet in their pool tho and trev's cousin did a cannon ball and this kid is HUGE and he drenched me and i got SO pissed well steve's here so fun time ugh
by imps

long time no update [03 Apr 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

this is an update of the emergency kate system. do not adjust your computer screens this is a normal test and your screens will return to normal after this runs its course. ok so to update, still apprenticing. my tracing and shading has grown by leaps and bounds, i'm starting to really look like tattoo material now. i'm getting some more ink soon too from jeff and tab. both of whom have offered me some FREE inky goodness. perfection. the only blemish in my otherwise uncomplicated happy world (the parentals) seems to have popped itself and the rents have accepted my career choice as mine to make and not theirs... so while they're not thrilled about it, at least i don't have this constant guilt trip bullshit goin on. the only thing that kinda sucks about their acceptance is the fact that i was honestly looking forward to a conversation free life with my mother but now i'll prolly wind up giving her some stupid ass tattoo that she gets to "bond" with me or some shit... retarded, then we'll have (tho i'll pretend) this heart wrenching mother daughter bond and the past will just disappear with the appearance of whatever stupid flash piece she picks off the wall on her skin. gut and heart wrenching i know, i only hope that when i hurl, it wont splatter too badly. so what else? this weekend was fairly uneventful... we went to trev's grandma's b-day celebration which, as it was planned by trev's mom's side of the family, was as poorly planned as possible. waiting till like 7:00 to go to Fudruckers by the mall on a friday night is NOT a good idea. trev's family is fairly funny... the cope side (his dad's side) just does whatever grandma cope says to so things are fairly well planned. the whatcotts always just throw shit together that almost always never goes smoothly so it was quite an event. on saturday we laid in bed and then went to trev's friend James' house which was cool but i would have rather been at home but trev has been friends with james forever so i can't shit on that parade. trev started drinking real early tho so he was pretty tired and had a headache by like 7 so we left (secret YAY!!!! for me :)!) but i felt bad about his headache so i gave him some medicine when we got home and massaged his head for him and then he fell asleep. yesterday we watched movies and i baked muffins. sometimes i wonder why i'm such a homebody

1 trick| by imps

sooooooo i'm a dummy [16 Mar 2006|07:39am]
[ mood | okay ]

so i figured out what donovan said a couple nights ago... he calls me katie!!! i'm so not used to people calling me katie that when he said "bye katie" i thought he said "bye lazy" omg i feel so much better haha tho corey did call me pokey last night... bleh screw him tho he doesn't tell me what to do and i totally scrubbed like 20 of his tubes so ha.

2 tricks| by imps

80,000 calories [15 Mar 2006|10:53am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

ok i'm working on finishing this huge thing of coffee i got this morning which must have like 80,000 calories in it i swear. so i'm at work and i haven't really done anything yet today and steve is here so its been pretty hard to do nothing but i'm doing it pretty well. so things are a bit wierd lately. last night when i took off from my apprenticeship i went out and said goodbye to all the guys and it sounded like donovan said "bye lazy" and i was like wtf?! cuz i'm totally not lazy there i sweep all the time and clean the bathroom and shit so i was gonna be like what but then i was like i didn't even hear what he said and i was all wierded out. like i don't think donovan likes me but i don't think i've ever given him a reason to dislike me. idk maybe he didn't even say that or maybe he did but whatever he said i'll just have to work harder for his respect. ok so ummm i was a bit apathetic yesterday but i was also like super baked all day cuz over the weekend trev bought me some presents :) he got me new work shoes and these fuckin awesome pinstriped chucks that are so fuckin gangsta. they're all black with a cream colored racing strip and cream pinstripes i fuckin love em. then trev bought me a piece cuz my little one fucking got broke! i can't seem to keep pieces for shit. anyway he bought me this little bong with a dragon on it that i named puff. its pretty sweet cuz in the morning i just load a little and trev and i both rip puff a couple times and we go to work fuckin baked silly. i've been going home for lunch too and returning baked as a cake so last night right before my apprenticeship i got waaaaaaay too fuckin baked and so yeah. so i get home cuz i drove myself to my apprenticeship and i was a little miffed cuz trev didn't come see me when i got in the door so anyway i took care of some stuff and i walked in the room and trev had all these candles lit and he was just in his undies and he had puff all loaded up and i just looked at him and i swear that my heart just hurt cuz i love him so much. then we, of course, did it and it was great and then i fell asleep in his arms its the most wonderful feeling in the world. ok so i guess thats it for now. much love you fuckers.

by imps

last rather truth prefer me unique random month [09 Mar 2006|11:57am]
[ mood | calm ]

W H O . W A S . T H E . L A S T . P E R S O N . T H A T?

1. You hung out with: trev
2. Saw you cry: trev
3. Went to the movies with you?: trev
4. You went to the mall with?: trev
5. You went to dinner with?: trev
6. You talked on the phone to?: some guy with a seat repair
7. Said 'I love you' to you and really meant it?: trev
8. Made you laugh? the guys in the shop

W O U L D . Y O U . R A T H E R?

1. Pierce your nose or tongue?: tongues already pierced and i think i would look cute with a septum but trev wouldn't like it
2. Be serious or be funny?: i'm hysterical
3. Drink whole or skim milk?: whole
4. Die in a fire or drown?: ummmm drown i guess
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies?: haha my parents are the enemies

A N S W E R . T R U T H F U L L Y !!

1. Do you like anyone?: haha this is like a 6th grade question
2. Do they know it?: no its a secret

D O . Y O U . P R E F E R. .

1. Sun or moon?: moon (it can't burn me)
2. Winter or Fall?: fall
3. Left or right?: right
4. 10 acquaintances or having two best friends?: best
5. Sunny or rainy?: rainy
6. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?: Chocolate
7. Vodka or Jack?: vodka

A B O U T . Y O U!

1. What time is it?: 12:03 pm
2. First and middle Name?: kathryn irene
3. Nickname(s): i have a few
4. What is your birth date? 6/19/85
5. What do you want?: to be happy
6. Where do you want to live? somewhere in az cuz i like it
7. How many kids do you want?: 2
8. You want to get married?: i am

U N I Q U E !

1. Nervous habit: leg jiggling
2. Are you double jointed? my hips are
3. Can you roll your tongue?: yup
4. Can you raise one eyebrow?: yup
5. Can you cross your eyes?: yup
6. Do you make your bed daily?: no


1. Which shoe goes on first? whichever one i find first
2. Ever thrown a shoe at someone?: yeah and i never lived it down
3. On the average, how much money do you carry with you?: we never have $$ to carry

1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: twirl
2. Have you ever eaten Spam?: yes unfortunately
3. Favorite ice cream: chocolate
4. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet?: 2 or 3 of those big bag cereals haha cuz we're poor!!!
5. What's your favorite beverage? pepsi or coffee
6. What's your favorite food? i love pasta omg do i love pasta and mac and cheese mmmmmmmm
7. Do you cook?: i do very well

IN . T H E . L A S T . M O N T H . H A V E . Y O U ?

1. Had a b/f or g/f?: no cuz i'm married
2. Bought something: haha yeah
4. Sang: prolly
5. Been hugged: yes and snargled
6. Felt stupid: hahah yeah prolly
7. Missed someone: from 8-5 i miss my trev
8. Got drunk: nope
9. Danced crazy: sure, the puppy loves to dance with me
10. Gotten your hair cut: nope i'm growing it out
11. Cried: yeah
12. Lied: i can't think of anything that i lied about
13. Snuck out of the house: hahahahaha yes cuz i have to sneak out at age 20 otherwise my husband might get mad and ground me

by imps

help for the confused little duckies [08 Mar 2006|02:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ok so the last 2 entries were what my mom sent back to me for you confused little duckies out there. she's sent me a total of 4 emails now... 3 yesterday and 1 today. i also got one from my dad which was pretty much what i expected he'd say. he's a bit dissapointed but he at least finished his email with "i love you". ugh so the 3 emails yesterday were pretty much what i expected my mom to say as well... the first 2 were very short and the 3rd was a rant on what an evil ungrateful child i am. then the one today took a totally different route... also expected. the one today was like a guilt trip to make me quit my apprenticeship. totally fucking expected. stupid. let me just say that there is nothing like a night at ink bomb to totally wipe my mom out of my mind... i'm gonna be the best damn tattoo artist this world has seen.

by imps

oh and ummm [07 Mar 2006|12:16pm]
I have one more thing to say. Why don't you just take a knife and stab us both in the hearts and get it over with, once and for all!
by imps

the response [07 Mar 2006|12:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

No, I'm not happy at all.

why am i crying?

3 tricks| by imps

the email of doom [07 Mar 2006|11:38am]
[ mood | anxious ]

this is the email i sent to my parentals:

dear mom and dad,

i've got a lot to fill you in on and i figured i'd better sit down and do it. ok first, gabe came back on friday morning. he just showed up on the window ledge where he always waits and came in and ate a bunch of cat food and then went to sleep. he hasn't even asked to go back outside since. he's all healed up tho so thats good. marla, however, has an appointment with the vet. when we got home last night after my apprenticeship, she was holding her right front leg up. i checked the pad for cuts and stickers in it but its clean, she just wont put any weight on her foot. we went to sedona on saturday and it was beautiful... i included a picture that my friend becky took . its a bit grainy cuz her digital camera isn't the best but its still pretty cute. we went up there with our friends becky and mike. ok so your probably wondering about the apprenticeship that i mentioned before... well i am putting my art skills to good work as a tattoo apprentice. i really like it and i have potential to be really really good. i'm keeping my auto spa job until i am fully apprenticed and ready to start tattooing. i know that this isn't your cup of tea but it makes me really really happy and i can see myself doing this forever and being happy. the money isn't bad either. i just wanted to let you know because i don't want to hide this. it makes me happy and i hope that you guys are happy for me.

i hope all is well with you in jackson and that the dogs and the cats are ok.

i love you guys a lot,


by imps

[07 Mar 2006|10:50am]
[ mood | nervous ]

ok so when did i update last... about a week ago apparantly. what is there to update? quite a bit... ok so last friday gabriel came back. he just showed up and ate some cat food like it was the most natural thing in the world. he hasn't tried to go outside since. i had my apprenticeship again last night. i tried to impress jeff by doing 2 pages of tracing on top of sweeping and mopping the shop and cleaning the bathroom... i did kinda break the toilet seat cover lid tho... oops, hopefully no one knows it was me. its clean tho. when we pulled up there was this kid sitting outside and trev knew him and he was getting a tat from jeff so it was pretty cool. the tat was really sweet too. it was these three pumpkins and the theme was "laugh now, cry later". it was very cool. then we go home and marla is limping... thats right she's hobbling around with her right front leg up not putting any weight on it... fucking great. so we have to take her to the vet so i am trying to convince myself that she wont need x-rays and that we don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get her fixed up... not that i am begrudging to spend the money... its just we really don't have it. ok so i kinda feel like trev doesn't love me so much anymore but its probably just him being really tired and stuff. he and i are worn down. we went to sedona on saturday with mike and becky for like an hour and it was really pretty. i was wearing my flip flops and the sand is all red in sedona and everyone started calling me red toe kate and it was fun and funny. i finally got a really cute picture of me and trev too. so i think i am gonna email the folks and let them know about my tattoo apprenticeship because i don't want to hide my happiness from anyone but i am very nervous as to how this is gonna go down. wish me luck fuckers... much love

by imps

ok [27 Feb 2006|04:04pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

so today i begin my apprenticeship officially. all i can say is bittersweet. bitter cuz gabe is still gone and this marks the 3rd week of his absence and sweet cuz ummm apprenticeship! well i was supposed to draw up some flash for jeff but i didn't have much time so i cranked like 3 things out, a heart, a star and a rose. very simple and old school. i hope he appreciates the lengths i went to nail a simplistic design thats not custom at all. haha it was a bit of a struggle not to embellish. ok well i don't have anything else to say.

by imps

big wierd void [22 Feb 2006|03:05pm]
[ mood | weird ]

so i started at ink bomb last night, well ok it was actually more of an orientation to "see if this is what i really want to do" and those were jeff's words btw. anywho i walked in last night and he comes out of the back and does this double take and goes "you showed up" and i was like of course i showed up. i don't think that he really knows what this means to me. anywho he aquainted me with the shop and the guys that work there and the things that i would have to do and the machines i would need to use. the autoclave was so pretty. he seemed really shocked when i asked if they had an autoclave. he also was a bit shocked that i knew most of the terminology for the tattoo machine. again i don't think he knows what i am willing to do for this. i think he thinks that i am just some fly by night little girl and i have a feeling that he is going to test me very hard. but i am ready for it. i am determined. i have this big wave of excitement in my tummy all the time. i just finished an email to my mom. she asked if i had any news and i was like OF COURSE I DO but i can't tell you about it. she just wouldn't get it and it kinda hurts that i have my dream laying out in front of me and i have all this support but i can't tell my parents. i really don't know why i seek her approval, i really don't. i act all cold and nonchalant but i think that deep deep down i really just want my mom to love me for who i am and not compare me to anyone else cuz i'm just me thats all. i'm not the pretty girl that loves shopping and has lots of friends. i'm not the homecoming queen or the popular girl. and yeah i was "the wierd girl" in high school and i could have handled that if my mom didn't think i was a freak too. she made me feel like i was some sort of piece of diseased shit. i'm unsure of myself and insecure and i feel intense panic every time i make a mistake. i drive myself into the ground over things that don't mean ANYTHING. a wrong look can send me over the edge. i've always been very sensitive and emotional from the get go and she was nothing but destructive to me and yet i still look to her like some sort of fucking dog. she tells me to sit and i compulsivly sit if only she'll look at me and tell me that she loves me for who i am and she loves that i'm happy. but she never sees my version of happy. her version of happy is me still in bozeman mt, pulling down fantastic grades at college, seeing some nice boy and well on my way to a fulfilling and well paying career. but here i am at 20 in mesa, az with no thought for more schooling, married and on my way to a fulfilling and well paying career that i can actually see myself being ok with doing forever. i mean they both end the same but one of them involves me being ME and not being some perfect pretty little goody goody. i can't wait for the day that trev and i open up shop and he never has to work another shit job and he can just run the business aspect of the shop or hell i'll even teach him how to tat if he wants. so i guess the point of this was i am about as excited as a starving dog for some steak for this apprenticeship but i can't even tell my own mother without a shit storm of epic proportions. ok well this was nice.

by imps

feek free to send me flowers and or food [21 Feb 2006|02:49pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

ok ok so right now i would be in the worst mood in the world right now but i have my apprenticeship so i am merely starving tho my spirits are still high. omg i am so effin hungry so send me congrats and some effin food you slackers!!! just kidding much love but seriously.

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